Future Fabrics Expo Mobile Phone App Powered by 360Fashion Mobile-Mags

Written by Charlotte Turner

This year The Sustainable Angle were lucky enough to be approached by360Fashion Mobile-Mags to create a mobile phone app guide especially for the Future Fabrics Expo.

The app is intended to reduce paper waste, while still providing a concise and portable overview of the Expo, and allowing a wide-reaching audience. 360Fashion Mobile-Mags’ generous support of the expo is aiming to address the issue of sustainability in the fashion and events industry, and The Sustainable Angle are really pleased to be able to extend the journey towards sustainability to communication tools. 

Download the Future Fabrics Expo app powered by 360Fashion Mobile-Mags to keep track of event information, find out about the organisation, learn about what makes this expo sustainable, and stay up to date with our services.

Download the app by either scanning this QR code or typingmobilemags.360fashion.net/15050 in to your mobile phone browser.

Find out more about 360Fashion Mobile-Mags here

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