Winners of UAL Sustainability Award 2013


written by Charlotte TurnerUAL-SA-Winner-Logo

We are delighted to announce that The Sustainable Angle has been selected as winner of the UAL Sustainability Award 2013. The award recognises the achievements of The Sustainable Angle as an organisation, and of the core team who have been bringing these projects to fruition over the past 3 years – Nina Marenzi, (Director), Charlotte Turner (Project Manager), and Amanda Johnston (Curator).

The sustainability award is the result of both internal and external recognition by the Award Panel, comprised of:

  • Professor Susan Orr, CLTAD, (Chair)
  • Professor Lawrence Zeegen, LCC
  • David Cross, Reader in Art and Design, CCW
  • Professor Helen Storey, LCF
  • Mat Hunter, Design Council
  • Clare Brass, RCA and SEED Foundation

The panel particularly liked the way The Sustainable Angle’s projects create the conditions for extensive learning, operating with a holistic view of sustainability and education and that successfully engage with parallel networks to foster connections and collaboration. There was also key focus on the fact that The Sustainable Angle’s projects, (most notable the Future Fabrics Expo), have made a significant impact across a range of stakeholders including social enterprises, business and both UAL and non-UAL students.

The Sustainability Award recognises excellent practise:

  •  That builds upon existing scholarship/staff competencies and/or practices of sustainability in a holistic approach to education for sustainable development
  • That involves and engages students in co-development of approaches to sustainable development, experiential, participatory and learner-centred education
  • That builds capacity for sustainability through: both internal and external links/developments, ‘learning communities’, the sharing of tools and understanding/challenging current practice
  • Where students demonstrate critical reflection on practices to create ecological, social, political and economic value
  • Which result in staff/students making a positive contribution to others and their social and natural environment, locally and/or globally
  • Where as a result unsustainable practice is challenged and transformed
  • Where through engagement with diverse groups, cultures, generations, spaces, places and disciplines alternative approaches to sustainable practice are developed

We are extremely pleased to have received this recognition, and look forward to bringing together the 3rd Future Fabrics Expo in London, 22nd – 24th September.

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