#ISussedItOut – TSA to speak at #SustainableSeptember

We’re delighted to announce that we’re joining Sustainable September – a month to raise awareness within the consumer market, led by SUSS, the brainchild of fashion designer Abigail Grainger and journalist Emma Grace Bailey. The start-up aims to proactively, through events and media engagement, create awareness of sustainability and environmental issues within the fashion and beauty industries. At the cutting edge of popular culture these industries have a responsibility to educate and inform the general public.

Image: SUSS UK 1st #SustainableSeptember talk 2016

Image: SUSS UK 1st #SustainableSeptember talk 2016

Sustainable September is the first of these initiatives. A movement designed to educate the everyday consumer, providing the knowledge and tools to inform better purchasing decisions for a healthier and happier planet. 10 speakers from across all areas of the sustainable fashion industry are talking about everything from the need for transparency through to the must have brands, where to shop, activism within fashion, the future of fabrics, the dirty side of denim and how the active industry is one step ahead in the quest to be sustainable.

The Sustainable Angle’s materials curator and education consultant Amanda Johnston will be speaking at the 2nd #SustainableSeptember event on 20th September to discuss why we need to reconsider the materials we choose to design with and wear – and what some of the best emerging alternatives to conventional cotton and polyester are.

Other speakers include the likes of Carry Somers, founder of Fashion Revolution, Tamsin Lejeune, founder of the Ethical Fashion Forum, and Amisha Ghadiali, author of The Future is Beautiful.

Image: SUSS UK

Image: SUSS UK

Designed to raise awareness and promote a more considerate lifestyle, SUSS UK wants to help people Get Wise, Buy Better and Make a Difference.

Join us using the hashtags #isusseditout and #sustainableseptember to share what you’re up to reduce your environmental impact, sharing a photo of yourself with the strapline #isusseditout.

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